Digitizing MHS History

October 20, 2010 | Filed under: From the Archive, left

Mamaroneck High School, 1940s or 1950s, from the Herb Roth Photo Collection of the Larchmont Public Library

by Lynne Crowley, LHS Archivist

A few months ago I contacted Tina Pantginis, the Librarian at Mamaroneck High School, to consult her on a research inquiry I had received. She was very helpful, as all librarians are – it’s in the blood, I believe – and we got to chatting about a project they’re undertaking to digitize some records that have accumulated over the years.

This includes school related newspaper clippings, old student newspaper publications and even photo albums. I think they don’t yet know all they have in that back room. The most thrilling part to me is that this treasure trove of local history will eventually be accessible to the general public through the Larchmont Historical Society!

The digitizing process has just begun but I can share with you a tidbit. We have a photo album called MHS Memories 1932-33 created by a student, John S. Gallagher, Jr. He notes that this is the second edition –- the past year’s edition evidently featured photos of faculty members “in their off moments”. Hmmm.

Wish we had that one! This edition features students in their “off” moments. Perhaps we could regard it as a precursor to Facebook? I hope to be able to bring some of the images to you in a later newsletter; meanwhile, I have looked at the MHS yearbook from 1932 and I found a shot of our young photographer,  John Gallagher, helping backstage at one of the many theatrical productions at MHS that year.

Readers, remember, if you have any wonderful or even ordinaire documents that chronicle some aspect of life here in Larchmont, please consider contacting us. We may be able to take them off your hands! Or, you may want to share them temporarily so we can scan them for posterity. I can be reached at 381-2239 or by email at lhs@larchmonthistory.org.